Life Safety Systems in Check with Commercial Ventilation Services

The City of Houston Fire Code is very specific about the inspection, testing and maintenance of life safety systems and equipment. As defined by the code, life safety equipment and systems consist of specially designed equipment, that either alone or as a system, assists in the preservation of human life in exiting from an emergency event, or to assist in the location, confinement and successful conclusion of an emergency event, either through automatic, semi-automatic, or manual means.  This includes fire alarm systems, stairway pressurization and smoke removal systems; smoke and heat ventilators and emergency power supply and lighting systems.

It is the responsibility of the owner or owner's agent to provide fire protection and life-safety equipment and systems and to have them inspected, tested and maintained.

By offering the latest in life safety technology, Commercial Ventilation Services of Houston, TX helps business owners and commercial and institutional property owners stay safe and in compliance with the law. Smoke damper and fire damper inspections help to keep your facilities up to date with the latest code regulations, preventing dangerous issues from arising, as well as ensuring you never have to worry about costly non-compliance fees.

Employing only the top talent in the industry, Commercial Ventilation Services guarantees that our dedicated workforce of highly trained, Houston HVAC testers will work diligently to ensure complete satisfaction with every job they perform. Please call 832-379-2280 to discuss your individual requirements and enjoy the energy cost savings that only come from using professionals with the extensive experience that Commercial Ventilation Services provides!

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