Stairwell Pressurization Testing by Commercial Ventilation Services

Houston HVAC testers at Commercial Ventilation Services, provide stair pressurization testing to ensure the safety of your building and its occupants. HVAC air handling equipment plays an important part during a fire emergency by keeping the building clear of smoke while its occupants escape to safety. Commercial Ventilation Systems can provide the testing, inspection and repairs to make sure your HVAC system is ready for any emergency situation. Contact them today at 832-379-2280 to find out how they can make your Houston building as safe as possible. 

Stairwell pressurization is a critical part of a building's fire control and safety system. In many instances stairwells are the quickest and safest escape routes for the occupants of a building during a fire emergency. They also serve as an access for fire fighters responding to the emergency. So it's of utmost importance that the stairwells be clear of smoke during the emergency. This will ensure that the stairwell pressurization is balanced and maintained at just the right levels. The pressure has to be high enough to keep the smoke out, but low enough so as not to impede access to the stairwell.

Local municipal codes determine what this balance should be. Stairwell pressurization testing and inspection is required by the City of Houston. The highly qualified Houston HVAC contractors employed by Commercial Ventilation Systems will make sure your building’s HVAC system is safe and in compliance with local codes. Their licensed Houston building contractors will thoroughly inspect your stairwell pressurization system recommending and performing any repairs or adjustments needed to bring your building into compliance. And these solutions aren't always expensive; sometimes a potentially catastrophic stairwell pressurization problem can be solved by simply pinpointing and caulking a small crack in the wall.

Make sure your building is safe and in compliance with local codes. All buildings are different and each one has its own special requirements to make it as safe as possible.  That's why you need the experience and commitment that comes with a project headed by Commercial Ventilation Services. In addition to performing stairwell pressurization testing, Commercial Ventilation Services’ skilled technicians provide many other fire safety services such as fire damper inspections, smoke damper inspections and smoke exhaust system testing.

Contact Commercial Ventilation Services at 832-379-2280 and find out what Houston's uniquely qualified test and balance company can do to keep your business safe and secure.


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