Why Choose CVS

Contact CVS first to ensure that you receive the high-quality customized testing, balancing and repair services for HVAC and life-safety systems to provide both the cost savings and long-term performance results you need to experience efficient business operations. Please call 832-379-2280 to discuss your specific requirements for service today!

Commercial Ventilation Services Quality

Quality counts at CVS! We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in both the HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, Life Safety and all services we provide, while simultaneously delivering levels of customer satisfaction that help us retain our customers for life!

CVS operating procedures revolve around the tested quality control methods we utilize. We also pay complete attention to the details ensuring our services both exceed specification requirements and reflect positively on our client companies.

Full Service HVAC, IAQ, Fire Safety and More!

At Commercial Ventilation Services, we do much more than simply tell you when problems exist. We specifically define the problems and their magnitude. We determine the causes of any issues relating to your air flow system and water flow system performance and provide reliable estimates of cost for corrections.

Our experienced, licensed mechanical contractors will also perform the repair and correction work required promptly upon your authorization.

CVS Integrity

Long-term, mutually beneficial relationships require trust and frequent communication before, during and after each project. Commercial Ventilation Services professionals enjoy developing these relationships with each customer we serve by keeping our promises, always telling the truth and accepting responsibility for our actions.

Basing our business model on honest communication and performance is the theme of each project we manage and we look forward to demonstrating these ideals when doing business with you!

Houston Air & Water Flow Service Experts: On Time Project Completion

We take great pride in meeting our committed completion dates because we recognize that time has great value. Project delays create problems for everyone involved and often have a domino effect.

Schedule failures impact cost, operations and service, which is why the CVS technicians always meet our promised completion dates for HVAC, air flow services, water flow services, life safety services and for all other services we deliver whenever there are not circumstances involved that are far beyond our control.

Commercial Ventilation Services People

CVS is committed to providing our customers with the top talent in our industry. Ours is a people business and our Project Managers, Lead Men and support staff are highly trained in the special requirements of our work.

Each of our employees thoroughly understands and practices effective teamwork. Using their experience and innovative skills, Commercial Ventilation Services professionals consistently demonstrate their dedication to completing high quality projects on schedule.

Responsive Air and Water Flow Professionals

We will return your calls. You can count on CVS to respond promptly to requests for bids and to provide reports upon project completion. When you have a question or concern about your scheduled project, you will be able to reach our managers via cell phone at any hour of the day or night.

Houston HVAC Cost Savings

As energy prices continue to escalate, we at Commercial Ventilation Services continue to deliver high quality services to help keep your energy costs at a minimum. By balancing, calibrating and providing appropriate controllers for large HVAC systems, we typically provide energy cost savings well in excess of the cost of our services to you.

Commercial Ventilation Services: Unique Qualifications

CVS is a licensed Mechanical Contractor, allowing us to perform repair work in addition to the diagnostic and calibration services we provide. Our Project Managers and Lead Men are Certified Sheet Metal Technicians.

Our Life Safety Lead Men are also Certified Life Safety Technicians and our work conforms to National Environmental Balancing Bureau and NFPA standards.

System Performance Enhancement

We believe that our responsibilities extend beyond meeting minimum requirements. Our extensive experience enables us to identify potential problems and opportunities for system performance improvement.

In many cases we have added value to a project by suggesting system modifications that improve performance sometimes reduce cost for our client companies.

Air and Water Flow System Service Warranty

Our objective is always complete customer satisfaction. Our Warranty is the best in the business. If our services do not meet specifications, we will correct the problems at our expense. We stand behind every service we provide.

Extensive Experience

Due to our many years of experience on projects of all sorts, we know this business! Our management has been solving air and water flow problems for a combined total of over 100 years and we continue to keep up with all applicable technology updates to ensure we always deliver the best service to every Commercial Ventilation Services customer year after year.

Please call 832-379-2280 to receive outstanding CVS service today!

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